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Most coaches charge anywhere from £97 – £3000 for this kind of value. But I wanted to create an evolving course & support community every Etsy seller could afford.


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Step-by-step training on everything from set-up to SEO

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Let me show you what’s possible

Hey! I’m Lauren – a top 1% Etsy seller, ex marketing manager for over a decade…

and my Etsy shop is now my full time job.

I started selling on Etsy in 2015 and have spent many years figuring out exactly what makes Etsy tick – and I am OBSESSED with sharing everything I know with other small biz owners.

My Etsy shop has helped me to buy my house, fund many (many!) holidays, and as of August 2022 replaced my job entirely. I now work full time on my Etsy shop, AND I’m making MORE than I ever did working 9-5.

I get hundreds of ££ worth of sales EVERY SINGLE DAY.


Here’s how I imagine your Etsy journey has gone so far…

You listed your products… then watched the tumbleweed blow by for the days and weeks that followed

Or you finally made a sale, then realised you actually LOST money after Etsy took their cut

You've read blogs or listened to gurus that told you to ‘niche down’... when you actually have no idea what that means

You tried to nail your SEO & figure out the best keywords… but had no idea where to start

So you trawled free Facebook groups, YouTube & google for the latest SEO strategies, only to end up overwhelmed by all the different information out there

Or you followed gurus who told you you need to post 17 TikTok dances a day whilst simultaneously juggling 5 other social media platforms

So by the time you sat down to make a start on your shop you were burned out: your creativity has been squashed by the lack of results you’ve seen so far

Listen, I’ve been there! And you sit there thinking: when are you going to figure out the secret to ACTUALLY making money on Etsy?!

Well… you could use my tested signature process that’s made me over £200k just via Etsy.

Here’s what happens

when you do that:

You’ll get clarity on your ‘why’ and be able to build a sustainable & scalable brand from your Etsy shop

You’ll learn exactly how to make daily sales on Etsy that can lead to replacing your 9-5 income

You’ll skip the overwhelm & have manageable bitesize learning chunks that will give you actionable steps to take each day

You’ll make a great living doing what you love

You’ll bring in repeat customers that will rave about your products & keep coming back for more

You'll stay up to date on industry trends & changes in our community

You'll increase your visibility & traffic which = more sales

You'll boost your confidence & motivation so you’ll be proud to share your shop with everyone you know

And importantly, you'll build the foundations for scaling a hugely profitable business

I’ll be honest with you

Getting to this point wasn’t easy

When I started out as a new Etsy seller in 2015, I spent hours and hours crafting my products, researching SEO, googling ‘how to make more money on Etsy’, making mistakes, losing money, trying again. I soaked up every last bit of information I could find on google and started to implement what I was learning.

👉And… it worked!

I started to make consistent, actual sales and my side hustle started earning me enough money to help pay towards my wedding, buy my house & car, and fund my lizard-like need to soak up some sunshine every 6-8 weeks (the joys of living in the UK!)

That was in July 2018: I doubled my revenue vs. 2017, and then did the same in 2019.


but then

I burned out.

I realised I was barely scraping a profit, working 80+ hours a week trying to work full time and run my business, spending HOURS every day trying to ‘fix’ my sales.

I was working too hard for too little. I wasn’t making enough money to make a full time income, but I couldn’t sustain the endless hours of 9-5, then 5-midnight fulfilling orders.


❌ I wasn’t making enough profit to pay myself a living wage ❌

I thought the only option was to spend more time trying to make more sales so I could quit my day job – but I just didn’t have any hours left in the day to keep it up. I could see sellers in similar niches making thousands of sales, but I couldn’t figure out their secrets & how they were doing it 😭

So I tried…

❌ Pivoting into different niches to find that one viral product that would shoot me to success

❌ Blindly following the latest SEO advice I found on google in the hopes I’d get more sales

❌ Paying for Etsy ads and posting my products EVERY DAY on Instagram & Pinterest

I told myself:
There must be an easier way than this.

If only I had an Etsy friend who’d found the secret to to unlocking those sales floodgates and would share it with me.

And then one day it all just… clicked!!

I found the key and finally unlocked those Etsy sales floodgates by myself!

I’d tried and tested every single strategy I found on google, and some I kinda just made up myself. Through tonnes of trial and error, it all came together: and I realised I’d created the exact step by step roadmap to making the kind of money on Etsy that my corporate job could never.

I’d created…


✅ An automatic traffic machine that brought me 133k visitors last year while I slept, with NO external marketing


✅ An irresistible product suite that tripled my average order value from £10 to £29 (and doubled my profits!)


✅ A dreamy customer experience that gained me over 1,800 5 star reviews and kept customers coming back time and time again


✅ Enough monthly revenue to quit my 9-5 and sustain my household

The best thing?

Now I have the right systems in place, I barely have to touch my shop anymore: the sales just roll in by themselves.

No more 15 hour days…

and I get to wake up every day and CHOOSE what to do with my day.

Managing and maintaining my Etsy shop takes less than 2 hours per week.

So… how can you get to here too?


All it takes is

3 Simple Steps

to build a successful Etsy business:

Plan & Prepare your shop

Drive Traffic that converts

Scale your success


The Daily Sales Society

Unlock the sales floodgates & master the art of selling on Etsy.

Make daily sales doing with you love: without paying for ads, dancing on tiktok or losing your mind!


When you join the Daily Sales Society you’ll get access to…


9 step-by-step training & strategy modules


Lesson worksheets, resources & planners


A growing resource library of time-saving scripts & templates


Access to our inner-circle Facebook group for accountability, support & feedback


Monthly training & live Q&As


New planners, tools & templates every month

Just £7 / month – cancel any time


What you’ll learn

Phase 1

Plan & Prepare

Establish a strong business foundation by conducting strategic customer and product research, setting profitable prices, and creating cohesive product ranges.

Together we’ll build an Etsy shop that attracts and retains your ideal customers for long-term success.



Research your products & understand what makes your customers tick

…so you don’t waste time and energy on products that flop.


Prioritise profit over sales

..without pricing yourself out of the market vs. your competition


Create cohesive ranges

…so you can effortlessly upsell every order – double & tripling your sales

Phase 2

Drive & convert traffic

Become a master of keyword research and SEO techniques to drive quality traffic to your Etsy shop.

Learn how to optimize your listings to turn curious browsers into enthusiastic buyers – every time!



Find & implement the best keywords

…. without needing a degree in SEO.


Turn traffic into sales

…with my simple formula for boosting conversion (and which conversion killers to avoid)


Craft compelling product descriptions

& tell a story that makes your customers scream “take my money!”

Phase 3

Scale & Grow

Unleash the secrets to transforming your Etsy shop into a sales powerhouse.

Tap in to automation tools that enable shop growth, techniques to nurture repeat customers, and pave the way for sustainable success



Turn your shop into an automatic sales machine

…with my daily to do list to grow your traffic whilst maintaining your conversion rate 


Get 5* reviews every single time

….with my review request template & superior seller service training


Utilise discounts & sales the right way

…so you keep making a profit and have a list of tricks up your sleeve for quieter sales days

Just £7 / month – cancel any time

PLUS you’ll get access to

A growing library of resources

To help you build your successful Etsy shop FASTER

Just £7 / month – cancel any time

Founding members Bonuses – limited time!

Fast track your success with these bonus resources – only available for founding members!

Shop set up checklist

A step-by-step checklist that guides you through the shop set up process, making sure you have keywords in all the right places & you understand the most important elements of your shop behind the scenes

Monthly focus journal

Avoid shiny object syndrome and finally focus on what will help your business grow, with 30 pages of visualisation & mindset check in techniques to keep you on track & motivated as you work on growing your shop

Scale & Grow Mindset Journal

Push the boundaries of your business with over 30 journal prompt questions to force you outside of your comfort zone & keep you thinking outside of the box when it comes to your business & your strengths

Social media planner

Figure out what to post & when on your social media channels, without creating overwhelm. Map out your content pillars & posting schedule & brainstorm content ideas in minutes with 35+ planner pages & prompts

See what my lovely students have to say!


I already bought courses that didn’t help me, so why do I need the Daily Sales Society?


For the price of a couple of coffees or half a fancy cocktail, The Daily Sales Society offers Etsy sellers just like you a transformative experience filled with tailored strategies, expert insights, and ongoing support. My membership helps you build a sustainable and profitable Etsy business that has the potential to change your life in the long run.

Your membership value…


9 bitesized trainings - £297


Customer & Product Research workbook - £17


Editable profit tracker spreadsheet - £27


Etsy shop set up workbook - £17


Irresistable range planner - £27


Ultimate SEO Masterclass & checklists - £37


Secret Conversion Killers & Boosters cheatsheet - £37


Listing Image Canva templates - £27


My proven product description formula - £17


AI product descriptions training - £27


My secret discounting strategy - £17


Monthly training & resource drops £47


BONUS: Shop set up checklist £17


BONUS: Business clarity & focus journal £27


BONUS: Scale & Grow Journal £37


BONUS: Social Media Planner £17

Total Value = £692

Today’s Price = Only £7

Only £7/month – cancel any time


This Membership is designed specifically for

2 Types of Etsy Seller

Brand new Etsy sellers

For new Etsy sellers feeling overwhelmed, unfocused and unsure where to begin, my program provides step-by-step guidance, support and easy to follow resources to kickstart your journey with confidence.

Struggling established Etsy Sellers

If you’re seeking answers to why your shop is lacking traction, my program offers expert insights and strategies to identify and overcome obstacles, helping you to unlock the path to success you’ve been searching for.

Frequently asked questions

Q: I am a new Etsy seller and I’m just getting started. Will this still work for me?

A: Yes, this can work for you! All the training is beginner friendly

Q: I’ve been on Etsy for a while. Will I still find value?
A: Yes, this solution can still work for you if you have been struggling to make consistent sales or are wondering what more you could do to grow your Etsy shop further

Q: Is this only for UK Sellers?

A: Nope, Etsy works the same in every country so sellers worldwide can join The Daily Sales Society. You will be charged in your local currency.

Q: Can I wait and join later?
A: This offer will be open for an unspecified time frame, however bonuses are available for a limited time only

Q: How much support is included?
You will have access to me in our Facebook community & have your questions answered within 48hrs, Monday-Friday

Q: Does this only work for digital product sellers?
A: No, this works for all kinds of product sellers, my background & experience is in physical products so you can be sure you’re in experienced hands when it comes to making sure you’re turning a profit!

Q: I am not tech-savvy. Do I need a bunch of tools to make this work?

A: No, this is very beginner and budget-friendly and you don’t need to be good with tech or buy any software. A lot of the shop templates are editable on canva, but you will have access to a canva ‘how to’ guide with the membership

Q: I don’t have a shop yet. Will this still work for me?

A: YES! You are in the right place: the planning phase of this membership will help you to plan your product offering & figure out who your target customer is

Q: I don’t want to use social media to sell my products. Is that a problem?

A: No, the training is focused around targeting the buyers Etsy already brings to their site, so you don’t have to worry about driving your own traffic just yet if you don’t want to

Q: When will I get access?

A: You will receive an email with all the details immediately after your purchase and will get access to our inner circle group within 24 hours.

Money Back Guarantee

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?

A: Yes absolutely! I swear by my training, so much so I offer a 7-Day no-questions-asked money-back-guarantee.


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