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Turn your passion & skills into a profitable business – no experience necessary

Stop Dreaming and Start Earning: Unlock the Secrets to Making Serious Money on Etsy

no experience needed, no paying for ads, no dancing on tiktok and certainly no losing your mind!

Whether you’ve started your Etsy shop & are struggling to get sales, or you’re a complete beginner with no more than an idea… I’ve got exactly what you need.

Get WEEKLY SHOP AUDITS, 1:1 coaching, on-demand training, Tools, Templates & 24hr support For Only £27 per month

Most coaches charge anywhere from £97 – £3000 for this kind of value. But I wanted to create an on-going course that’s always up to date, with a supportive community every Etsy seller could afford.


Get access to…

Step-by-step training on everything from SEO to Etsy email marketing

Journals, planners, templates & cheat sheets

Weekly personalised shop audits, live coaching & 24hr weekday support

No matter what you sell,

whether you want to build a handmade empire or passive income is your goal, my beginner-friendly strategies work in the exact same way

(I know because I followed them myself to create my multi 6-figure Etsy shop, and I’ve done it all!)

And the best part? I’ve never sold a single product on social media 🤯

This is the place for you if…

✅ You’re thinking you want to start an Etsy shop but you don’t know what to sell

✅ You already started a shop and now you’re not sure where you went wrong because you’re not getting sales

❌ You’re worried you won’t have the time, skills or money to make a real success of this

Everyone, including YOU, has the skills and abilities to make this work & I can teach you everything you need to know step-by-step. And I started with just £25 and my ancient laptop – so you DON’T need tonnes of money to get started!

If any of this sounds like you…

You see other small businesses crushing it online but you don’t know where to start

Or maybe you already started a shop… then watched the tumbleweed blow by, getting zero sales & realising you actually LOST money after Etsy took their cut

You really want more from life than your 9-5, a creative outlet that you can earn money from: but you’re stuck in a cycle of overwhelm with not knowing where to start

You googled for hours, only to find yourself confused by all the conflicting advice out there

And what if you don’t have enough money to even get started?

Oh, and you’re told you need to ’niche down’ - but you don’t know what that means, or how to choose the right one

You're not confident that you actually have the skills it takes to start & run a successful business

And seriously… what the hell even IS SEO?!

WOW. I get it. It’s exhausting isn’t it. How will you actually turn your business dreams into a reality if you’re stuck in self-doubt and have no idea where to start?!

Well… you could use my tested signature process that’s made me over £200k just via Etsy.

no ads, no social media & no experience necessary!

When you do that, you’ll be able to…

Skip the overwhelm with a clear step-by-step path to making real money doing what you love

Learn exactly how to choose the products that are already proven to sell, so you don’t waste any more time

Stop searching for answers online, and get access to a been-there-done-that small biz owner & marketing expert who can give you the clarity you need

Carve a path to making £1k, £2k, even £5k+ per month: just like I have

Get there 10x faster, because I’ll show you how to avoid all the mistakes I already made: so you don’t have to

Build a business that allows you to spend every day doing something you love and live your life on your own terms at last

Let me show you what’s possible

Hey! I’m Lauren – a top 1% Etsy seller, ex marketing manager for over a decade…

and my Etsy shop is now my full time job.

I started selling on Etsy in 2015 as a creative outlet from my stressful 9-5, and have spent many years figuring out exactly what makes Etsy tick – and I am OBSESSED with sharing everything I know with other small biz owners.

My Etsy shop has helped me to buy my house, fund many (many!) holidays, and as of August 2022 replaced my job entirely. I now work full time on my Etsy shop, AND I’m making MORE than I ever did working 9-5.

I get hundreds of ££ worth of sales EVERY SINGLE DAY.


And there’s nothing special about my products… I’ve made thousands by selling;

You don’t have to have a background in design or have spent years honing your skills!

See what my lovely students have to say…

I’ll be honest with you…

Getting to this point wasn’t easy

When I started out as a new Etsy seller in 2015, I spent hours and hours making my products, researching SEO, googling ‘how to make money online’, making mistakes, losing money, trying again. 😞


🫨 I dabbled in handmade jewellery and home decor, printable wall art, personalised accessories… it was chaotic, and I struggled to bring in enough money consistently to EVER consider this being my full time job.

I was in a constant cycle of misery: get up, go to work, come home, stare at my computer screen, in complete paralysis trying to figure out what to do next. 🤯


😫 I was barely scraping by in my 9-5, hardly making enough money to pay for the basics because my wage wasn’t cutting it. But I also wasn’t passionate enough about what I was doing to try to climb the ranks to get promoted. 


And in all honesty… I was kinda embarassed to share my products far & wide because I wasn’t even 100% sure they were any good. I nearly threw the towel in & accepted my fate SO. MANY. TIMES. 😤


Every day I spent in my marketing jobs, generating literally MILLIONS of £££ in revenue for big, faceless businesses, I felt trapped, unfulfilled and I desperately wanted to live life on my own terms: not chained to a desk all day, lining somebody else’s pockets. 💰


I wanted MORE from life: more freedom, more money, more happiness. 

So I tried…

❌ Pivoting into different niches to find that one viral product that would shoot me to success

❌ Blindly following the latest SEO advice I found on google in the hopes I’d get more sales

❌ Paying for Etsy ads and posting my products EVERY DAY on Instagram & Pinterest

But NOTHING was working.

I told myself:
There must be an easier way than this.

That’s when I finally decided: enough is enough.

I KNEW I didn’t want this life anymore. I needed more money but didn’t want to climb the corporate ranks any further. And I could see other people raking in thousands in their product businesses every month, so I KNEW it was possible.

One day, whilst sitting in one of the hundreds of tedious work meetings I’d have to attend every week, we were talking about the results of some new strategies we were trying out, to bring in new customers to the business.

And that’s when it suddenly hit me.

All this time I’d been working SO hard on my struggling business, I’d never once considered what was important to my customers, or how they were shopping.

I decided it was time to act like a BIG business in my small business. And time to treat my side hustle the way it deserved: like the successful small biz I knew it could become.

I put myself to work implementing everything I had learned from those big businesses I’d been working for. I looked at my biz from a customers point of view, and started to re-invent the products I was making.

I listened to their feedback, doubled down on the things that were working for me,  and eventually created something I was truly passionate about and I knew people wanted. After I did this, all those other things I’d been working on; my SEO, my photos, my descriptions: they all started to fall into place.

Lo and behold, those sporadic sales started turning into consistent £100, £200, £500+ days on Etsy, and I’d created the formula to generating tonnes of sales, every single day. 

Through tonnes of trial and error, it all came together: and I realised I’d created the exact step by step roadmap to making the kind of money on Etsy that my corporate job could never.

I’d created…

✅ An automatic traffic machine that brought me 133k visitors last year while I slept, with NO social media

✅ An irresistible range of products that doubled my profits on every order

✅ A boomerang brand that gained me over 2,300 5 star reviews and kept customers coming back time and time again

✅ Enough money to quit my stifling 9-5 desk job (and allow my husband to pursue his passions too)

The best part?

Now I have the right systems in place, I barely have to touch my shop anymore: the sales just roll in by themselves.

No more 15 hour days…

and I get to wake up every day and CHOOSE what to do with my day.

Managing and maintaining my Etsy shop takes less than 2 hours per week. Take THAT 9-5!

So… how can you get there too?


All it takes is

3 Simple Steps

to build a successful Etsy business:

Plan & Prepare your shop


Find products that are guaranteed to sell


Identify your dream customer


Set up your shop correctly

Drive Traffic that converts


Learn how to bring in customers on auto pilot through SEO


Create irresistible listings that convert

Sell, sell, sell...


Build a 'boomerang brand' that keeps your customers coming back over & over


Turn your Etsy shop into a passive income machine

And that’s exactly what I’m going to teach you…

Introducing the fast track to making a great income selling something you love on Etsy

Using my exact steps to turn your dream business idea into a reality, in a matter of weeks


The Daily Sales Society PRO!

Unlock the sales floodgates & master the art of selling on Etsy.

Make daily sales doing with you love: without paying for ads, dancing on tiktok or losing your mind!


When you join the Daily Sales Society PRO you’ll get access to…


9 step-by-step training & strategy modules


Lesson worksheets, resources & planners


A personalised weekly shop audit focused on your current pinpoints & targets


BONUS: Email Marketing 101 for Etsy sellers & done-for-you welcome email sequences


BONUS: Seasonal Sales Secrets: Etsy Seller Bootcamp replays: become a master of Black Friday in this 3hour training!


A growing resource library of time-saving scripts & templates


Access to our inner-circle Facebook group for accountability, 24hr weekday support & feedback


Brand new training every month, 1:1 coaching & live Q&As


New planners, tools & templates every month


Plus tailored 1:1 support every week!

👉🏻 Recorded shop audit based on your specific painpoints & goals – every week!

👉🏻 24hr response time to questions in our Facebook community Monday-Friday

👉🏻 New training & resources every single month to help you reach your goals

PLUS you’ll get access to

A growing library of resources

To help you build your successful Etsy shop FASTER

What you’ll learn

Phase 1

Plan & Prepare

Establish a strong business foundation by conducting strategic customer and product research, setting profitable prices, and creating cohesive product ranges.

Together we’ll build an Etsy shop that attracts and retains your ideal customers for long-term success.



Research your products & understand what makes your customers tick

…so you don’t waste time and energy on products that flop.


Prioritise profit over sales

..without pricing yourself out of the market vs. your competition


Create cohesive ranges

…so you can effortlessly upsell every order – double & tripling your sales

Phase 2

Drive & convert traffic

Become a master of keyword research and SEO techniques to drive quality traffic to your Etsy shop.

Learn how to optimize your listings to turn curious browsers into enthusiastic buyers – every time!



Find & implement the best keywords

…. without needing a degree in SEO.


Turn traffic into sales

…with my simple formula for boosting conversion (and which conversion killers to avoid)


Craft compelling product descriptions

& tell a story that makes your customers scream “take my money!”

Phase 3

Scale & Grow

Unleash the secrets to transforming your Etsy shop into a sales powerhouse.

Tap in to automation tools that enable shop growth, techniques to nurture repeat customers, and pave the way for sustainable success



Turn your shop into an automatic sales machine

…with my daily to do list to grow your traffic whilst maintaining your conversion rate 


Get 5* reviews every single time

….with my review request template & superior seller service training


Utilise discounts & sales the right way

…so you keep making a profit and have a list of tricks up your sleeve for quieter sales days

special action taker bonus #1

Lock in your founding members price – for life

By joining me today, not only do you guarantee to keep your founding member price of £27 for as long as you’re subscribed – even though I plan to increase this in time – you’ll also get to shape & evolve this membership with me, request trainings & help me to build a unique membership for Etsy sellers everywhere.

special action taker bonus #2

The Ultimate Etsy Seller Bundle

Valued at £297!

Take Your Etsy Shop to the Next Level with the Ultimate Etsy Sellers Bundle:

Powerful Tools to Boost Your Sales and Visibility.

You don’t need to worry again that your shop looks unprofessional! Get templates for every element of your etsy shop, fill in the blank copy templates, journals, planners & guides to make setting up or refreshing your shop a breeze.


Brand & mood board ideas to help you create an irresistible brand


Shop Banners, logos, listing image template pack


Your story & about section fill in the blank copy templates


1000 high search, low competition keyword ideas


101 social media prompt ideas


Social media post template bundle


1 task a day - 30 day to do list


Pinterest canva templates


Canva basics training guide

Founding members Bonuses – limited time!

Fast track your success with these bonus resources – only available for founding members!

Shop set up checklist

A step-by-step checklist that guides you through the shop set up process, making sure you have keywords in all the right places & you understand the most important elements of your shop behind the scenes

Monthly focus journal

Avoid shiny object syndrome and finally focus on what will help your business grow, with 30 pages of visualisation & mindset check in techniques to keep you on track & motivated as you work on growing your shop

Scale & Grow Mindset Journal

Push the boundaries of your business with over 30 journal prompt questions to force you outside of your comfort zone & keep you thinking outside of the box when it comes to your business & your strengths

Social media planner

Figure out what to post & when on your social media channels, without creating overwhelm. Map out your content pillars & posting schedule & brainstorm content ideas in minutes with 35+ planner pages & prompts


I already bought courses that didn’t help me, so why do I need the Daily Sales Society?


The Daily Sales Society PRO offers Etsy sellers just like you a transformative experience filled with tailored strategies, expert insights, and ongoing support. My membership helps you build a sustainable and profitable Etsy business that has the potential to change your life in the long run.

❌ This isn’t just another Etsy course – this membership is built around offering you TAILORED support

✅ You can stop trying to figure it all out alone and ask questions any time in our support community – you’ll get a response from me in 24hrs Monday-Friday

✅ You can request a shop audit EVERY WEEK from me – so you know exactly what to work on when to meet your goals 

✅ And you can join me LIVE every week for a Q&A to ask me any and all of your burning questions

✅ And you can join me 2x per week face to face (well, on google meets!) to discuss your specific challenges and we’ll work through them together 

✅ You can cancel any time if you decide it isn’t right for you

✅ You know you’ll have the most up-to-date information at all times because I’m actively selling on Etsy & keeping you in the loop

This Membership is designed specifically for

2 types of people…

Aspiring business owners

If you’re unsure where to begin, my program provides step-by-step guidance, support and easy to follow resources to kickstart your journey to making an income online with confidence.

Struggling Etsy Sellers

If you already started your small biz journey but your sales are lacking, I can help you to identify and overcome obstacles, and unlock that path to daily sales you’ve been searching for.

Frequently asked questions

Q: I am a new Etsy seller and I’m just getting started. Will this still work for me?

A: Yes, this can work for you! All the training is beginner friendly

Q: I am a Daily Sales Society Member but I want to upgrade to PRO, what should I do?

A: Woop! Just drop me an email to once you sign up, and I’ll make sure to cancel your ongoing £7 subscription. You’ll receive a refund pro-rata for the portion of the month unused.

Q: I’ve been on Etsy for a while. Will I still find value?
A: Yes, this solution can still work for you if you have been struggling to make consistent sales or are wondering what more you could do to grow your Etsy shop further

Q: How do audits work?
You will submit your shop & fill in a simple form each week to tell me exactly what you want me to deep dive into. I’ll always input my own thoughts too.

Q: Is this only for UK Sellers?

A: Nope, Etsy works the same in every country so sellers worldwide can join The Daily Sales Society. You will be charged in your local currency.

Q: Can I wait and join later?
A: This offer will be closing soon & will not reopen for some time – so don’t wait too long!

Q: How much support is included?
You will have access to me in our Facebook community & have your questions answered within 24hrs, Monday-Friday, Live Q&A every week, Group coaching calls 2x per month and audit requests every week!

Q: Does this only work for digital product sellers?
A: No, this works for all kinds of product sellers, my background & experience is in physical products so you can be sure you’re in experienced hands when it comes to making sure you’re turning a profit!

Q: I am not tech-savvy. Do I need a bunch of tools to make this work?

A: No, this is very beginner and budget-friendly and you don’t need to be good with tech or buy any software. A lot of the shop templates are editable on canva, but you will have access to a canva ‘how to’ guide with the membership

Q: I don’t have a shop yet. Will this still work for me?

A: YES! You are in the right place: the planning phase of this membership will help you to plan your product offering & figure out who your target customer is

Q: I don’t want to use social media to sell my products. Is that a problem?

A: No, the training is focused around targeting the buyers Etsy already brings to their site, so you don’t have to worry about driving your own traffic just yet if you don’t want to

Q: When will I get access?

A: You will receive an email with all the details immediately after your purchase and will get access to our inner circle group within 24 hours.

Money Back Guarantee

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?

A: Yes absolutely! I swear by my training, so much so I offer a 7-Day no-questions-asked money-back-guarantee.


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